Call Sign. Hotel.Echo.Romeo.Mike.India.Tango.



Biggest Ever Hermit Disco Party in Hermit Town / 3 Hermits turn up for the Parade / Plenty of cake, enough for at least 10 Hermits / Massive Event Broadcast Live / Wordwide Hermit Audience Incalculable / Huge Success / Every Hermit is Looking Forward to Next Years Program of Events / Big Night ! Great Show. /

To Live outside of the System of the World / why take part ? / at the Epicenter of Nothing / no disrespect / at least consider Universal  Individualismus. / Singular way of seeing things and a boat full of Hermitude / Hermit off the grid / rarely ever pays attention to the news  / Real Life holds sway / the simple Logic of fastening ones own shoes / the common Sense of the common Wanderer /  To sing beneath Clear Blue Sky / To stare in quiet amazement at the Night Sky / Astral Hermit Craft  / day follows day without a single word….. /  to set foot for the first time upon Remote Islands / to say goodbye and so long to the Dystopian Lands / out here among the Hermit Trees / there is no Road / that’s the Einsiedler Way / Walking alone from Morning til Night / taking part  in Happy conversation  with the Birds. / Hermit of Berlin/ Standing by the Spree/ It’s a Misty Day / grey sky above the bridge in Mitte  / No-One Else Around. / Hermit without internet / background traffic now silent / Far off in the Hermit Mountains / breathing in and breathing out  /  all electronic communication switched Off / to bring forward renewed sense of More Basic Freedom / to Turn Away from negative types of energy / What urges the Loners to practice Hermitude? / Not even they themselves know the Answer…Only that Life itself / is a Constant Seclusion. / Gegen den Strom / Hermit to the Finish  / the afternoon shadows pass in slow motion from Herm to Herm / Let all Battles be Ancient Battles / We Hermits have no wish to Fight Anyone. / for Us the Future is already a Time of Great Peace / Half remembered Hermit thoughts in dreamy isolation / the Loner takes refuge among the rocks and builds a fire / Singular images of Nature that flicker upon the walls of the Cave / the Future of Hermitude is unknowable / All possible Hermit Programs are running at the same Time / Solitude / in the Heart of the City / Solitude / in the Wilderness / See the Mountain / Meet the Sky /all is Hermitary / from Horizon to Horizon…… / a Waking Dream of Hermitian In which the Practitioner can Influence External Aspects of Reality without Direct Contact / E.H.P. / Extra Hermitary Perception /……… / the whole concept of Group Think ……..uuuuh …….well, it just aint for me… /….Hello Hello….Operator…… / Hello Operator ….. I would like to make A Long distance Call / ……Yes thats right……a Long Distance Call Thru Time..

Q: Hello, is that the Hermit?

A: Yeah……..Do you know me ??