Born 1962, Nationality: Irish. Raised in Greenwich London of Anglo Irish parents.

1973- 77: Attends St Josephs Academy: Catholic Grammar School for Beating Boys, Blackheath.

1975-1978: Studied the Political, Artistic, Musical and Philosophical ideas of Rebel Counterculture at close range with accomplices John Herlihy and John Keogh.

1978-1979: Gatecrasher at St Martins College of Art, Charing Cross Road, London. Believed to be a Student by most Members of Staff.

1979- 1981: Enlisted  into the Band Adam and the Ants. Recorded “Kings of the Wild Frontier” Album. Witness to the Inner workings of Mass-Media and the manner in which it is used to shape Public Life.

1981- 1984: London: Drifter, Loner, Outsider…… (July 4th 1984, first journey to the Americas.)

1985 -1987: Studied with the Artist Trojan (and others) at the University of Painting, Drawing, Fucking and Fighting U.K. (visited by Basquiat).

1988- 1989: Paris France: « Je me suis balladé avec la Société Anonyme des Érmites Inconnus . »

1990-2000: Studied the Art of the Forests, the Mountains and the Lakes, during time spent in Weston Massachusetts, U.S.A.  Studied the Art of the Indigenous Suburban Bourgeois, during time spent in Wellesley Massachusetts, U.S.A.

2001- 2003: London: Recluse, Nomad, Solitaire ….

2003-2012: Berlin, Deutschland: began work on the “Hermitude” Series of Paintings.

2013: Founded Hermit Group 1, which is based upon Individualism, Humanitarianism, Self Realization and Kindness.  Disconnection from most types of Group Think. Expressing Particular Caution with regards to Organised Systems of Control. Focus upon Positive aspects of Life.

2014 : International Hermit Conference  West Kalimantan Borneo. Representatives of Hermit Group 1 and the Berliner Romantischer Einsiedler Schule hosted a full and noteworthy program of Hermit events, which included Archaeology of Earliest known Hermit Cave Sites and Astronomy of closest confirmed potentially habitable Planets.

2015: Hermit Group 1 Stages Ubiquitous Exhibitions in a Spontaneous manner Worldwide. Unannounced and without Marketing or Promotion.Viewed as a Great Success by Hermits Everywhere… Venues include: Abandoned Factories, Warehouses, Aircraft Hangers, Plazas, Motor Racing Tracks, and Nature Reserves.

2016: Declared International Year of Hermit Optimism. Hermit Group 1 Membership increases 96% . People from every spectrum of Society all across the Globe are now Waking up to the Important Role that Hermitude has to offer in their Lives.