TFOH 2 web


This is Hermit Group 1. Music Page Featuring Broadcasts, Songs, Audio Field Information
and other types of Signal,

Recorded at Studio Hermitude
which at the present time is Located in Berlin.

The intention of HG1. and Bureau of Hermit Enquiries
is to make Sound Files available for Hermits Everywhere.

An Original Sender of the very latest Hermitude Information
for all who will Listen.

Tune in for Sound over the coming weeks and months

More Basic Freedom… Audio for Hermit Action.

A New Force on the Avent-Garde Music Scene

Half Human….Half Robot.

Wild Hermit Awake are the Band of Choice

For every Hermit in the Know

At the start of th 21st Century.


Group : Wild Hermit Awake.    Song Title : Slang Hermit.


Group: Wild Hermit Awake.  Song Title: On Friday

Group: Wild Hermit Awake.  Song Title: Hermit Outlaw